Brand new from YOUTH CLUB photographer, Molly Macindoe (Front Left Books): Documenting the Rave Road postcard book reveals her latest work, showing how the underground free party scene has evolved, survived and thrived in the changing conditions of 21st century Britain and spread beyond Europe–with a special focus on the Middle East.

Fourteen inner cards digitally printed on traditional 300g single-coated postcard paper. The cover design is offset litho spot metallic silver on black card with black cloth binding.

Keeping in the grassroots, locally and responsibly-sourced spirit of previous Front Left Book products, these postcard books were printed in the UK on FSC certified paper from managed forests with biodegradable inks and using renewable energy. Calverts are a workers’ cooperative running at ISO14001 environmental policy standard. Design by Nicoletta Fallerini.

Since the late 1990s, Molly Macindoe has been meticulously capturing the underground rave scene from an insider’s perspective. Shooting a world so removed from the throes of mainstream culture, Molly has created a body of work as authentic as the subculture she follows. Once described as an ‘unashamed champion of individuality’, she has provided unprecedented visual insight into an empowered world free of boundaries. Her ground-breaking book ‘Out Of Order’ documents her journey through ten years of the Free Party movement and is currently on its second, expanded edition.

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