The photographs in Out of Order are a culmination of Molly Macindoe’s ten years’ work meticulously documenting the free party and teknival scene from her own refreshing perspective. Her pictures chronologically depict the journey of both a culture and an individual.

Controversial in its revisionist attitude, Macindoe’s work acts as a visual counterweight to the culture of voyeuristic sensationalism found in the mainstream media. She chooses to portray a very personal narrative with a positive outlook. Through the use of an insider’s perspective, the balance is redressed. In the process she has produced a work that is more than just an art book, but is also a social documentary of significant historical and academic value.

Four hundred and seventy photographs are accompanied by two essays describing the parallel journeys of the photographer and the underground rave scene written by musicologist and journalist Caroline Stedman.

The first edition having sold out worldwide, Macindoe and a design team at Ditto Press have produced this second edition whose new look does justice to the edgy and transgressive scene portrayed within its covers.

This Second Edition has a brand-new look inside and out. In addition to the original 400 images, there are 70 previously unseen photos, including 4 new events, totalling 77 parties over a span of 10 years. Complementing the written introduction on Rave Culture, is a foreword from the artist Tom Hunter.

The new edition is thread-sewn and bound in hardback. The cover design is colour screen printed on black Wibalin stock with opaque white+Foil block transparent gloss. The content is wood-free matt-coated paper stock. The look is at once a quality art book and decidedly subversive, like the photographs themselves.

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