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Welcome to the Museum of Youth Culture!

why submit to the museum?

1. Remember the good times

This is the perfect opportunity to dig through all those photographs and remember the good old days!

2. Preserve your story

Preserve your memories and stories for future generations.

3. Set the record straight

Help us change narratives around youth culture and break those pervasive stereotypes!

4. Celebrate British youth culture

We're not just an archive, we're community celebrating the excitement of being young! Submitting your memories makes you part of the Museum of Youth Culture family.

5. Join our community

We want to celebrate the amazing story of British youth culture from all walks of life - this is your chance to be part of that story.

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handy scanning tips

It is super easy to digitise your photographs, and all you really need is your phone! You can take a photograph, or use the Photo Scan by Google app to digitise your images.

Some things to think about when you're scanning your photos:

1. Take a photograph from directly above, and try to keep it as straight as possible.

3. Try and avoid any glare or shadows on the photograph, as they will be visible in the scan. Where possible use natural light, and don't use your flash.

2. Place the photograph on a plain background, where possible, or pin it up on a wall.

4. When sending your photograph e-mail it on - messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp compress photos and reduce the image quality.

some stories we love!

From Saturday football with your mates to Gothing up in your teen bedroom, here are some of the amazing stories we've had so far!

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